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It is our goal to develop the most successful beekeeping systems and classes available. Your participation is appreciated! We look forward to a mutually enriching adventure in Organic Beekeeping.
Organic Beekeeping classes are available to all Organic Beekeeping Society members. This class is an internet course and will include the following materials:
  • Printed material sent to students via snail mail which will include much "how-to" explanation and diagrams explaining beekeeping practices.
  • Supplemental material is posted to a private Organic Beekeeping Class website.
  • Video and photo teaching aids for "spotting your queen", clipping your queen's wings, knowing the inside of your hive (brood and bees) and much more.(There will be a small charge for this video. Cost will depend upon your choice of cd-rom or vhs tape.)
  • Email contact for questions and answers. Other sessions will be set up for "Messenger" meetings and/or "Chat" meetings throughout the course of one year.
  • One year bee cycle calendar which we will assist you in customizing for your area and climate.
These classes will run continuously and may be started at any time of the year. The course will run the span of one year, that is, one entire cycle of the honeybee year for each student. The material will be sent out (in hardcopy, snail mail) at the start of each season (i.e. March 21, June 21, September 21, December 21). Supplements and important reminders will be sent at the appropriate times (in hardcopy or email). A one year cycle, seasonal calendar will be sent for you to record important dates and notes pertinent to your area. We will guide you in making these notes and this record will be useful in future years.

Organic Beekeeping Class: Brief Overview

Introduction Includes:

The Basic Hive starts with an overview of the conventional hive structure. Modified versions will be explained later as the honeybee cycles are better understood by the students.
The Honeybee Colony covers the cycles and functions of worker bees, drones and queen bees. Includes commentary on how varroa mites feed on the honeybee colony.
The Year of the Honeybee is an overview of the natural cycle of a honeybee colony in a temperate (four-season) climate. This section will continue into the Organic Beekeeping cycle

The Organic Beekeeping Cycle begins the explanation of how the natural cycle of the honeybee colony is coordinated with Organic Beekeeping practices and why. We will show the contrast with conventional systems and how the improvements manifest stronger honeybee colonies. This section is covered during the course of the year. It is designed to allow a practical application of what is being taught. Some important sections covered will include the following:

1. Springtime swarm management techniques and utilizing this natural mechanism to improve the wellness of your colonies.
2. Organic Beekeeping treatments for mites in the springtime. Includes mixtures with various options for formulas and ways of delivering these natural substances to the bees.
3. Techniques for successful wintering, what happens inside the hive during winter . What can be done to improve the colonies’ strength throughout this process. This section also covers how these improvements increase the strength of the colonies above that of conventional practices.
4. Preventing late season swarms to protect the strength of your colonies. Methods to prevent this swarming while still working with the impulses of the honeybee colony.
5. Fall nucleus hives: How to form a nucleus hive, build it up in the spring. The advantages of forming a nucleus in the fall and how to bring the fall nucleus through the winter.
Organic Beekeeping Class Materials listing
For our first students, we offer these classes at a very reasonable cost of $150/year (usd). This cost is a total of $1250-$15 per month for the course of one year per student. The Organic Beekeeping Society is not a commercial entity and our cost for this class represents printing costs, mailing costs and a fraction of the time needed to present the information and conduct question and answer sessions.
Additional cost may apply for mailing to locations outside North America and the cost of the video will be separate.

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